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All In for Miller is a Non-Profit organization that will strive to be able to help hospitals, communities, and people in their struggles with improving the quality of life for children impacted by pediatric cancer, special needs, and potential medical requirements. All In for Miller will differ from other NPO’s because it will be based on relationships with patients. Not only is it about being able to provide financial support to families, it will also be with a relationship with them in an effort to let them know that there are other families that have walked challenging roads too.

Meet Miller

Miller Grover was just 17 months old when he was diagnosed. His smile still lives on through this community.

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Why All In for Miller?

Be All In for Miller because you believe in making a difference to all of those impacted by Pediatric Cancer. We want to change the way the patients / families begin and end their journey into cancer. We want to be there to support the transition into the hospital, transition home, and support families everywhere in between.

For those of you that have fought fearlessly to overcome cancer, we understand that the battle doesn’t start or stop when you enter and leave a hospital. It continues to be something that you live through. Almost like a bad dream, but there is hope.  

Hope is a powerful word that is deep inside of all of us. We all find something to hold onto when a level of uncertainty exists. Pediatric cancer has lots of ups and downs emotionally, physically, and financially. We want to be a support system that provides HOPE to those in need. We want families to remain STRONGER than ever, FAITH to exist, and HOPE to be present each and every day as patients, families, and doctors find their win each day.

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April 11, 2013

Miller was Born

Miller Grover was born in Evans, GA on April 11th.  He is the son of Alanda & Joe Grover and the brother to Mary Madison and Molly.  He loved Mickey Mouse, Golf Cart rides, Balls, and watching his sister's play soccer.

September 11, 2014

Cancer Diagnosis

Miller Grover was diagnosed with a PNET, Primitive Neuro Ectodermal Tumor.  Miller showed minimal symptoms from the tumor until about three days before he was admitted to the Children's Hospital of GA.  

September 2014-May 2015

Miller Was Hospitalized

Miller was transported to the Children's Hospital of Atlanta on October 7th, 2014 where he was admitted to the Rehabilitation Floor.  He began intense physical, occupational, and speech therapy in an effort to regain as much strength as he could before beginning his treatment protocol.  Miller underwent three rounds of chemotherapy, two rounds of stem cell transplants with 2 rounds of chemotherapy, and six weeks of proton beam radiation.  Miller remained in the hospital during his entire treatment protocol.  

May 2015

Treatment Protocol Completed

Miller completed his treatment protocol with the six weeks of radiation and headed home from Houston, Texas.  We continued MRI's every 3 months and were admitted back to the Rehabilitation Floor at CHOA to continue intense therapy to help Miller with swallowing, muscle tone, and regulation of daily medicine.  Miller was accepted into Georgia's Babies Can't Wait program until the age of 3, where he received PT and OT three times a week at home through In Home Pediatric Therapy and speech twice a week.

April 2016

Miller Started Preschool

Miller turned 3 and was no longer eligible for Babies Can't Wait, so he began pre-school a few days a week for half days at Blue Ridge Elementary in Columbia County, Georgia.  Miller loved school where he would receive additional therapy on top of his scheduled therapy through In Home Pediatrics.  Miller enjoyed being around other kids and loved his teachers.

January 2017

Cancer Returned

Miller's MRI showed signs of possible metastasis and another brain surgery was scheduled.  This time the tumor had metastasized to Miller's auditory canal and the doctor was able to remove a portion of the tumor to confirm his diagnosis with little side effects. 

February 2017


Once the pathology report confirmed that Miller's brain tumor had returned, we discussed our options with our team of doctors.  We were all in agreement that Miller's quality of life was more important than treating his brain tumor, so we decided to come home and Hospice was called.  

April 25, 2017

Angel Wings

 Miller Grover gained his angel wings two weeks after celebrating his 4th Birthday.  A piece of our heart will always be missing but we know that he is no longer bound to a wheelchair or in any pain.   

May 2018

All In for Miller Foundation Created

The All In for Miller Foundation was created to help hospitals, communities and people with their struggles with improving the quality of life for children impacted by pediatric cancer, special needs, and potential medical requirements. Miller's story continues to grow through helping other families through their journey.

Inagural All In for Miller Golf Tournament and Gold Bows

September 2019

All In for Miller sold Gold Bows for Pediatric Cancer Awareness throughout the CSRA in an effort to help bring awareness to this disease.  We also hosted the Inaugural All In for Miller Golf Tournament at Champions Retreat in Evans, GA with a total of 27 teams.  

September 2020

Gold Bows

We expanded our Gold Bow Initiative selling over 400 bows and shipped them out to states across the county including, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Illinois, Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Connecticut, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

November 2020

All In for Miller 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Our 2nd Annual All in For Miller Golf Tournament was a huge success. We registered over 35 teams and raised around $40,000 to help support local pediatric cancer patients and their families. Our tournament continues to grow year over year and our raises our ability to bring hope to more families.

November 2021

3rd Annual All In for Miller Golf Tournament

Our 3rd annual All in For Miller Golf was a huge success. We registered 35 teams and raised over $60,000 to help support local cancer patients and their families. Our tournament continues to grow year over year and we are blessed to have amazing sponsors that continue to support our cause.

All In for Miller Golf Tournament

The All In for Miller Golf Tournament is our biggest fundraising event of the year. Every fall, at the prestigious Champions Retreat Golf Course, local and out of town teams gather to help raise money for families that have been impacted by pediatric cancer. We use this event, not only to raise funds, but to invite and honor local pediatric cancer patients. Over the last 5 years we have registered over 160 teams, beating all of our expectations. Last year, we were honored to have special guest, Grant Lowell start the event by making the honorary tee off as the teams eagerly waited to take on the gorgeous course. The events success would not have been possible without the generosity of countless local sponsors who donated their time and money to make sure everything went smoothly. This year's event will be scheduled for October 21, 2024 and we're excited to continue to bring Hope and Support to those in need.

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Meet the All In For Miller Family

Our Team

Families We have Helped...

Tanner Haywood

Tanner was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in 2015. He has battled  through multiple relapses in the past 5 1/2 years that included several surgeries, chemotherapy & radiation treatments. Tanner has also fought to not let cancer define him. He graduated high school in 2019 with the dream of going away to college but unfortunately a battle this long takes quite a financial toll. We are so thankful for the generous support the All In for Miller Foundation provided our family. Without their support, we would not have been able to make Tanners dream of going away to college come true. Thank you again to the All in For Miller Foundation for coming along with us on this difficult journey. Your support, hope, & love will never be forgotten!!

Harkala Family

Filip was diagnosed at 4 months old with an aggressive form of a brain cancer known as Anaplastic Ependymoma. He went through series of treatments to stop the cancer from coming back but unfortunately in January 2020, he has relapsed. At that time, our doctors discussed with us clinical trials that Filip may qualify for and the Immunotherapy trial at Children’s Hospital of Augusta was one that appealed to us the most.

We live in the North East region of Pennsylvania and relocating to Georgia for few weeks was not an easy decision for our family, but we knew that this is something we have to do to help our child. When we were preparing for our trip, we have received a phone call from a social worker at CHOG who has informed us that two local charities want to help us with paying for our stay in Augusta and “All In for Miller” was one of them! To be honest, we didn’t expect this but it definitely helped us; not only financially but foremost it helped us to minimize the anxiety of leaving what we know- our home state to travel to a new place that we didn’t know much about. Knowing that there are kindhearted people like all of you who support this wonderful organization helped our family to take this huge step forward to continue to fight for our son’s life.   

Kelly Family

I just want to say thank you and the ALL IN FOR MILLER organization for assisting us at this time of need. We really appreciate having someone that understands obstacles that may come along when you are having to care for a loved one while battling such a horrible illness.

Greyson Williams

I am the mother of Greyson Williams who was so blessed to turn the;  "BIG 5" earlier this month!! I would like to express a HUGE HEARTFELT THANK YOU to ALL IN FOR MILLER FOUNDATION!!

My son Greyson is receiving rounds of chemo that started in  February 2022. His treatment is slated to continue once a week over the next 18 months at (CHOA/AFLAC) Scottish Rite in Atlanta, Ga. Greyson also has Autism and a few other challanges so we are always on the move between clinic visits and therapies.As a single parent; there are moments when extra fun is not always financially possible. I mentioned swimming lessons to our amazing Aflac care team and here we are; adaptive swim lessons were funded to my; "AMAZING GREY" through your AMAZING foundation!!!

THANK YOU FROM OUR HEARTS for this gift of kindness. Greyson in on the move with an additional form of much needed therapy and summer fun because of you!!

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