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All In for Miller

All In for Miller

All In for Miller works to support the patients, families, and loved ones that have been impacted by Pediatric Cancer.

Over 28,000 children are estimated to be living with a brain tumor in the United States.

Every year 300,000 families around the world will hear, “Your child has cancer.”

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer.

1 in 5 children diagnosed with cancer in the U. S. will not survive.

The average cost of a stay in a hospital for a child with cancer is $15,000 per day.

100% of your donations to All In for Miller helps patients and their families.

Why All In for Miller?

Be All In for Miller because you believe in making a difference to all of those impacted by Pediatric Cancer. We want to change the way the patients / families begin and end their journey into cancer. We want to be there to support the transition into the hospital, transition home, and support families everywhere in between.

For those of you that have fought fearlessly to overcome cancer, we understand that the battle doesn’t start or stop when you enter and leave a hospital. It continues to be something that you live through. Almost like a bad dream, but there is hope.


Hope is a powerful word that is deep inside of all of us. We all find something to hold onto when a level of uncertainty exists. Pediatric cancer has lots of ups and downs emotionally, physically, and financially. We want to be a support system that provides HOPE to those in need. We want families to remain STRONGER than ever, FAITH to exist, and HOPE to be present each and every day as patients, families, and doctors find their win each day.

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